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review for Fate Is A Four Letter Word by Philo

Ok, it's been awhile since I used this thing, but a favorite author of mine doesn't have an email addy displayed, so I'm posting my thoughts here instead for her. Feel free to ignore this post, unless you'd like to read a great Harry Potter story. If so don't waste time on my spoiler filled review, read it after the 105, yes 100 and 5 chapters of Harry Potter goodness. More emphasis on story over porn, main pairing is slash, Harry/? Here's the link  Now, on with the show!


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What I’m very long-windedly and rambling on to say is this: your story is great, your characters are great, you’ve fulfilled and exceeded my expectations, I look forward to the last chapter however you’ve written it as one last glimpse of these much beloved characters, and I dearly, dearly hope that you have another story percolating in your wonderful brain. I cannot adequately express just how much I love this story and how much I love you for thinking it, writing it, and sharing it, even at the end of these…uh… 1300 words or so of trying to do so. (Just making up for shamefully not reviewing the last, oh.. 40 or so chapters. (Whoops!) Thank you so, SO much for sharing it. I think you’ve mentioned your day job before, I have shamefully forgotten if so, but I wanted to say: if you ever think up an original story that you love with all the passion you obviously do of the Harry Potter ones, write it, sell it, and let me know so I can buy it. (No joke, really let me know, if you please.) Ok, enough ego stroking for you! *Cracks whip* Now about that Draco story….


Much love and appreciation, Christina (iluvtrees)

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I'm starting to think that RL and LJ have some kind of under-the-table deal: wherein anytime C is able to post on LJ and/or think things are going to be smooth going for a while, RL does promise to do it's best to drive her insane, make her sick, etc. Or something like that ;P

Since I last posted my son has hovered on the edge of being sick, that irritating cough/croup with all the sniffing/refusal to blow nose that five year old's do. (Dear god, hell must include the sound of your child sitting and watching TV while *sniffing* and *snorting* and basically *sucking snot* every 10-30 seconds. It's like Chinese Water Torture for mothers.) Not sick enough to take to the doctor, but sick enough to share his germs with his mother.

Thank you, son. :P

My brother was living about a 5 hour drive away, he lost his job, his friend that he was living with decided to move to another state, and he ended up apartmentless last week. So instead of me sleeping after working all night Tuesday I got to go on a fun road trip with my Mom and my daughter. (another thing, why is it when you get a new vehicle something immediately happens that requires you to drive a minimum of 8 hours round trip? this has happened with my last 3 cars and now my truck!) We made it back about 10:30, just in time for me to get to work almost on time at 11:00.

This made me cranky in addition to sick.

Because of my brother moving back in we had to shift some things around, and I ended up buying a new couch (and a recliner and a huge coffee table/ottoman hybrid that I love) and I already had a new rug, I just hadn't had the incentive to move stuff to put it down yet. So we spend the weekend moving furniture out and in, and cleaning, which strained my back. (And yo, furniture is *expensive*. And just how come my brother is car-less, job-less, and money-less, but he ends up with something brand-new to sleep on???) .

I am now sick, cranky, broke, and sore.

That was Sunday night, so of course on Monday, just to start things off right this week, I start my period. By now I've went quiet, and everyone kinda moves around me as quick as they can. If this was someone else I'd be laughing my ass off at them.

We're up to sick, cranky, broke, sore and *bleeding*.

Apparently my granny looked down and decided I'd had enough, so she must have taken an elevater down and arm wrestled the devil into leaving me alone since Tuesday, because most everything is better and alright now. It's almost Friday morning and there will be peace in my house this weekend if I have to get down and slap some bitches. (Really. I need it. The peace, slapping is too much energy.) And I want to work on my story and have it ready for next week.

So, how's things at your end? *sends hugs* (please send prayers and thank you's to my granny :D )
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S/X fic

Fandom: BTVS (and some Angel mixed in later)
Author: i_luv_trees
Pairing: will be Spike/Xander, and minor pairings sprinkled in
Rating: R for some language and a tiny sexual reference
Summary: thinking about life

Note about cannon: totally up till Joyce's death, and then I'm going to parallel the rest of season 5 until Buffy's death, my story will be 'off-camera' mainly, until Buffy's death,*except* for changing the scene where Xan proposes to Anya.

This is the beginning of a story (still untitled) I’m working on, have been working on *forever*, the story is unfinished, but I will have more time to work on it now so I’m going to dive back in. I don't think I've ever put this out, but if I have my apologizes. It's new and improved, now!

Unbetad for the moment, please bring any mistakes to my attention.

Prologue Part One, Early evening November 18th, 2001

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I'm Back

*Blows dust off lj and collapses from coughing*

Wow, time flies! It's been a long time since I put fingers to keys here. RL took over and although I've been online I've been lurking, mainly because I was checking out the Harry Potter fandom and my lurker instincts run deep. My grandmother had been ill, and alot of the past year has been spent with her. She found peace December 14th, and even though it was a blessing it's still been hard.

So I have been reading a lot of HP fic, I just haven't commented on much, which I plan to change now. I've found a very nice yahoo group called severussighs, and I'm going to join some HP lj groups to get back in the swing of things. I'm afraid HP has sucked me in totally, with occasional forays into SGA (season 4 and 5 just didn't go well for me, and they dampened my enjoyment). I still have my own Spike/Xander story I'm working on in the Buffy fandom, but I stopped reading other Buffy fic so it wouldn't influence my story, and RL kinda put a stopper in my efforts, but I think I might spend some more time on it now.

I'm going to be de-friending some of the Buffy communities except for Bloodclaim, but not any of my personal friends, so if I accidentally de-friend a personal lj let me know and I'll fix it. I hope to get in touch with my old lj friends, even if our fandom interests have changed.

So, anyone still around? Drop me a line and let me know what's up. I'll still probably be random, RL and all, but I'm here.

Hugs to everyone, C
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(no subject)

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, huh? Actually, I've posted several times, but they've been 'eyes only', so I didn't realize how long it's been since I reached out and said hello to everyone. I've commented some, and sometimes not, just depending on my mood. I've been reading SGA mostly, and recently read my first Harry Potter fanfic. (Cambiare Podentes 1&2 by Jordan Grant at The Archive at the End of the Universe -I highly rec it, if you like HP and slash and sensual writing and 600 pages *each* part.) But though I mostly only read completed fic in SGA, I have several BTVS WIP's that I'm keeping up with, including Pivotal and Most Favored and Nothing the Same.
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I'm still working on my little story, I've opened a community and I'm posting parts there. I'm going to have people pre-read and tell me if it totally sucks or not, after I get it betaed. Make that 'after I finish the damn thing'! But putting it in it's own com kinda makes me want to work on it, I can't stand wip's that never get finished,so maybe I can motivate myself. The story is in my head, I just have to get it on the paper. And I've got the beginning and end, but some parts in the middle need uh, me to think about them.

And for some reason last week's SGA episode has totally inspired me (even though it *sucked*, and I want someone to write me fic with *Mckay* being kidnapped instead of Sheppard. But I got a funny feeling I'm going to end up writing something about it. (Damn it)

So, I'm still here, just depressed as hell and wishing my little girl was still a little girl. I'm so glad there are people out there writing such great stuff and putting it online. It's really saved my sanity lately.
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(no subject)

So, I've been MIA since D*C, sorry guys, but I think my computer picked up a virus or something, and I'm going to have to send it to the computer doctor on Thursday when I get paid. I haven't been emailing and/or replying because I'm totally ignorant of how these things work, and if I do have one I certainly don't want to spread it. I can only start in safe mode, it freezes in regular mode and won't respond. Hopefully reading this on a friends page won't spread anything, if it is a virus. I have been reading, but I'm scared to comment, so after my computer is fixed I'll probably do some catch-up commenting.

Dragon Con was ***awesome***, I had the time of my life and other than a few glitches I enjoyed the hell out of myself. And it is confirmed now, I am a SGA fangirl. Buffy/Angel will always be my first, but being in a fandom where the show is still on is nice. For a really good con report go to girlpire's lj, she has written a great and funny account, with some wonderful pics. When my computer doesn't scare me so much I'll add my own little slices of fun. (But no pics, since my camera *broke* the first day I was there!!!!)

And here's my first SGA ficlet, the confirmation to myself that I am lost in the fangirl goodness. (Funnily enough, now that I'm reading so much SGA I've been more confident lately writing my S/X story.) But this popped in my head and I dashed it off in an hour or so, and if I spend time on it I'll never put it out there.

Title: Mirror, mirror, on my wall, where the hell did you come from!?
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McShep
Rating: Adult, but more silliness than sex, sorry.
Summary: Just a bit of craziness one evening in Atlantis.

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And sparrow2000 I'm glad you enjoyed your ballons, I hope your Birthday was a great day for you. I would have commented, but 'scared of my computer' thing happening.
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I'm Here! Dragon Con!

I'm here, in Atlanta, I made it, through 8-9 hours on a train, then another 2 or so on a bus, another train, another bus, and *finally* to the motel!  I somehow missed the time zone change, from central to eastern, so even though it's 1:00 am to me it's midnight, and I'm so excited I don't know *how* in the hell I can sleep!!!

I am so totally ready to have fun, got off the phone with girlpire a little while ago, we're meeting up tomorrow, and she seems great, I'm sooo glad I decided to come.  (She's the reason I got the courage to come, I so owe her *bigtime*)  I can't wait to see James tomorrow, and Juliet (Dru) and the concert Sat nite!!!!   *And * I've gotten into Stargate Atlantis, and Jason Momoa (Ronon) is going to be here too *drools*, and I am just thrilled and nervous and excited to death.  Even though my car decided to *break down* yesterday in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I am not worried a bit (K, maybe a bit..)  but my most excellent and great and awesome mom is taking care of all of it for me, so that I can come here and party.  How much does my mom rock?  Answer:  Totally!

So, if anyone else is coming, or is here, drop me a line, comment, whatever, and we'll meet up!  Us slasher girls gotta stick together!

Happy, happy, happy.  I am happy.  :D 
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Not dead yet

Well, don't time just fly when you don't keep a sharp eye on it!  I have been shamefully absent and/or way too quiet lately.  But, RL just keeps on rolling, so I just have to keep rolling with it.  

Any whoo, I decided to post a piece of an extremely long and unfinished story I'm working on.  This part can stand alone, all you need to know is in my world Spike and Xander are sorta-friends when Buffy dies, at least a little more than was portrayed on the screen.  

Title:  Familiar Things
Author:  i_luv_trees
Pairing: pre-slash S/X
Rating: PG, just a few swear words
Summary:  Xander's thoughts while building Buffy's coffin, and some unexpected comfort. (Not morbid, I swear)
Timeline: Day or so after Buffy has died
Unbeta'd, just posting on a whim.  Any suggestions and comments welcome, yea or nay-ish.
x-posted to bloodclaim


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And Dragon*Con is coming. Finally!  I really, really, need a vacation!

Smooches to all, C

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My weird life, and birthday wishes

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But enough rl stuff, altyronsmakerhas made McShep icons here, and she made the one on this post for me, I wanted something with the guys and trees, she so rocks, doing that for me!  I usually end my fb with 'thanks for the lovely words'  and she put 'lovely' on the icon, and 'trees' and I just want to squish her to pieces for it!

And it just happens to be thismaz's birthday today, which she shares with my brother who is turning 18 today.  So, many, many happy wishes to her on her day, and I hope she has pretty Spander pictures dancing in her head all day long!   Leave her some love and good thoughts!

Happy late birthday to denied_heaven, she was seeing JM in concert on her birthday, which was quite a damn good birthday, if I do say so for her!  I am writing her a little Angel/Lindsey story that I hope to have finished by this weekend, I was throwing plot bunnies at her before she left for the concert and one took over my brain, so I decided to write it for her :)  Silly bunnies!

Ok, that's enough rambling from me, I'm gonna watch some SGA, second season and try to relax and just breathe. (And watch the windows, cause, kinda freaked a little, along with the mad.)
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Life is rolling along

Things are rolling right along, and it seems like everytime I log on I see something good, like story updates, or good news for the friends, so Yay!  altyronsmakerthinks she remembers hearing Nicky might be coming to D*C- OMFG! If I see Nick and James at the same time I might not make it home!  (note to self- update will :)  Getting to see James is great, but, but , *both* of them. In the same *room* maybe.  My brain will overload with all the pervy thoughts!  Not gonna get too excited yet, I haven't seen it on the guest page, but OH MY GOD.  *whimpers*  *please???*

Just read denied_heaven's little mini concert/con report about her and nyghtpet, and - GAH!  They took pictures with James and he wanted them to *tickle* him.  Dear god, just go read it, I was grinning the whole time, and  I cannot wait to see those pics!!!!

Now that rl is good I'm finally getting somewhere with my writing, got a little Angel/Lindsey fic coming out, and some other stuff too, hopefully I'll get it together and out here.  mistress_tienis going to keep on me and make me get it going, I luv her for helping me out in between all her busy rl stuff she's got going. (And since S/X is my OTP please tell me why I keep writing Angel?  I've written A/Dawn, A/Buffy, and now A/Lindsey.  WTF is with me and my weird self? Oh well..)

orchidluv is going to continue her S/X story, going into season 3, and I am so happy she is.  I love Nothing the Same, and knowing I'll get to see more of her boys, just... makes me very happy!    And I reread wesleysgirl's Seeing Distant Things As If They Were Close, a S/X one-shot happening during the week or two right after Xander loses his eye.  Every time I read this one I just melt, it's a perfect little hurt/comfort piece that is so good!

Out of the SGA fics I've been reading Scenes from a Lesser War by Amireal is one of my new favorites, John/Rodney,  it has a really good plot twist, angst, and sex that grows into love.  A Better Fate by chelle is set on earth, also J/R, they come to stay with John's parents, and the angst just makes everything so bittersweet and good, but ending happy.  Balcony Sessions by Leah  has a scene where John has to shoot a Wraith that has Rodney, and it reminded me so much of a scene in Manifestation by Lazuli (my fav by her), not the exact same thing happening, but the same emotions raised, just some beautiful words and images in this one.  Ahh, now I'm wanting more SGA!  (and can you tell I'm a McShep-er? although I'm not opposed to Ronon anywhere in the mix :)

Ok, going to work on my stuff now, Squishes to all, C

ps anybody coming to D*C please let me know, I really, really want to meet as many of my lj friends as possible! 
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